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NanoEl project based on a multilateral partnership between higher education institutions in the EU and China, Malaysia, India and Israel. It involves two higher education institutions from each PC and from different geographical regions in Asia including the National Chinese Nano Center and two Israeli universities; and three higher education institutions with expertise and experience in Nano electronics, and in curriculum development from Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe. As mentioned before, setting-up the consortium was not easy because of lack of national CBHE agencies in the Asian countries and lack of experience of Asian universities with the Erasmus program. That is why in the project only the minimum number of PCs universities are involved. Within this project, we will try to disseminate the CBHE program to other universities in the involved countries.

Despite of the difficulties in the preparation stage, NanoEl project features well-balanced partnerships in terms of organizations involved and expertise required. Different stakeholders from the sector and partners with different expertise are involved: in the multidisciplinary subject matter, in instructional design and evaluation, in educational video and eLearning environment development, in teaching and training. It involves representatives of all target groups at the universities including researchers, teachers and students.

Three EU partners are experts in Nanoelectronics. They will adapt/develop and transfer to the PC partner’s e-learning courses and video recorded lectures in design, technology, materials and equipment in Nanoelectronics.

The PC universities will develop e-learning courses and record the practical work in clean rooms in the different fields of development and application of nanotechnologies in electronics. Each course will be produced by the best laboratory/department in the field, which dispose with the necessary infrastructure and facilities for practical work (See the courses to be developed by each institution in WP2 and WP3)

Two units from TAU will take part in the proposal: TAU Nano Center 

and TAU Computing Division. The recent will be in charge of Moodle environment set-up and maintenance and of supporting and coordinating instructional videos production.

There is an appropriate distribution of tasks and a balanced implication of different partners with complementary competencies and countries in the implementation of the work program. All universities provide MSc degrees in micro- Nanoelectronics, they have national accreditation and can provide certificate for the courses. The three EU partners have experience in ERASMUS curriculum development programs and developing courses for specified learning outcomes is not new for them. They will transfer their expertise to the PC universities.

All partners will be involved in the needs analysis, course development, all evaluation activities, pilot test, and all will share the responsibility for the valorization of project results.

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